Letters from Ales Bialiatski started arriving at thier destinations

After a long delay and after the mass media revealed that the human rights defender Bialiatski was being denied the ability to correspond with his relatives and friends, his letters once again started arriving at their destinations.

That’s how the Gomel’ civil rights activists Uladzimir Katsora and Vasiliy Palyakou first received their postcards from the chair оf the human rights center Viasna, Ales Bialiatski, who has been detained in the so called Volodarka prison in the capital since August 4th, on charges of not paying a large amount in taxes.

In his letters, the human rights defender is sincerely grateful for the support he has received and for all of the birthday wishes.

Palyakou: «In his postcards, Mr. Bialiatski expresses his hope that we will be able to see each other soon. He is convinced that truth will win out. Ales writes, that he is exactly where a human rights defender is supposed to be when the country is in the situation that it is in, and repeats the words of Uladzimir Karatkevich: All of Belarus – is a cage.”

According to Palyakou, you can see in the letter that Ales is well aware of what is occurring outside his walls, and he feels that it is not much better out there. So, he is starting “to value life more.”

Similar sentiment is voiced in the postcard sent by Bialiatski to Uladzimir Katsora.

In September, a movement initiated by human rights defenders Anatoli Paplauny and Leonid Sudalenka was organized to “Wish Bialiatski a Happy Birthday.” Passersby who care about the fate of the human rights defender stopped to wish him a happy 49th. The regional center also distributed informational materials detailing the detention of Ales Bialiatski and about the reactions to his arrest from around the world.



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