Public statement of Human Rights Association (IND) concerning Ales Bialiatski

On November 25, Human Rights Association (IND) made a following statement concerning Belarusian human rights defender Ales Bialiatski:


Today, in answer to the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH)’s call, we have gathered here in front of the Belarus Embassy in Ankara to demand the immediate release of Ales BIALIASTKI, Vice-President of the FIDH. As has been the case in several countries, we the defenders of human rights are gathered in front of the Belarus Embassies to express our support to Ales BIALIATSKI.

The vice-president of the FIDH and president of the Belarus Human Rights Center “Viasna” has been accused of arbitrary fiscal fraud and has been in prison since August 4, 2011. Yesterday 24th of November 2011 Ales BIALIATSKI was condemned by the tribunal on the same grounds.

The value of the protectors and defenders of Human Rights and their work could be seen in several Human Rights documents. An example of this is in the AGIT declaration signed in 1991 and the United Nations Conference statement in Vienna, 1993. Another declaration concerning the protection of the human rights activists, issued by the United Nations (1998), underlines the importance of their work promoting, developing the human rights advocacy and facilitating their endeavors. When they are under continuous threat for their own security and their work is under jeopardy it is impossible for them to fulfill their tasks.

If we are to see democracy, recognition of Human Rights and respect for the people in a country, this can only be secured if the human rights activists are left free to do their work.

We call on the Belarus Government, to protect the human rights defenders and activist in compliance with the international law.  

This statement was publicly read on November 25 at Ankara.



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