The trial of Ales Bialiatski continued on November 10

On 10 November the trial of Ales Bialiatski, Chairman of the Human Rights Center “Viasna”, continued at the Pershamaiski District Court of Minsk.

The trial opened with the prosecutor’s reading of a letter from the Pershamaiski District Tax Inspection, the copies of additional assets and income declarations of Bialiatski and acts of verification of his income and expenditures. According to the checkings conducted by the inspection on taxation and fees, Ales Bialiatski committed no serious violations.

The judge stated that the case materials in foreign languages were translated. The laywer found some mistakes in the translation. For instance, “public reception rooms of “Viasna”” was translated as “public reception room”. The translated documents witness that international human rights organizations transferred money to Bialiatski’s account for the organization of the work of public reception rooms and election monitoring. (RFE/RL)

The prosecutor got back to the question on reports before the Western granters. He was interested how Bialiatski had reported to them, whether he had saved the copies of the reports. His conversation with Bialiatski turned to the direction of the scheme of work of the human rights defenders. Euroradio reports that It is obvious that the accusation is mostly interested in the documents connected with the activity of “Viasna”.

The prosecutor asked Bialiatski which kind of “Viasna”s activity contradicts the President’s decree which prescribes free use of financial help from abroad. “It is difficult for me to say”, replied the human rights defender. The prosecutor also asked about the sum of the Sakharov Prize, received by Bialiatski back in 2006. The accused said he had only received the certificate.

The lawyer turned the judge’s attention to the fact that printouts from the web-sites are not considered as documents in the procedural code as it is impossible to check their authenticity. In connection with that, he protested against attaching of printouts from the “Viasna” web-site to the case. It looks like “Viasna”s web-site is the main source of information for the accusation. The public prosecutor already read out several texts and asked to attach them to the case.

The lawyer read out the letter of the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice that the information about Bialiatski’s accounts cannot be the proof of his guilt. The judge agreed to attach this letter to the case.

The lawyer asked to attach to the case documents which confirm that Bialiatski is a laureate of international awards for human rights activity, and Bialiatski’s status as an honourable citizen of Genoa. The judge agreed.  


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