One more piece of news that Ales Bialiatski sent from Volodarka

On February 24, Viasna members received another postcard from Ales Bialiatski. On the postcard, the words “22.02.2012, Volodarka” appear in Ales’s handwriting.

He writes that ” I have been ‘in transit’ for a week…At noon on Friday, I found myself in the center of Minsk, in an atmosphere with which I am well-acquainted. The week has passed by quickly. I think that tomorrow [February 23 – editor], I will be leaving, but if they don’t send me tomorrow, then I will be here a couple more days.

Based on these words from Ales, it appears possible that he may spend this weekend in Volodarka.

Sergey Sys assumes that such a long stay in Volodarka may be due to the time it takes to get together a group for further transfer.

Meanwhile, the human rights defender Tatiana Revyako notes that Ales Bialiatski had a prophetic dream before his transfer.

Bialiatski had a prophetic dream before his transfer. I received a letter from him on February 16, from the time when he was still in Zhodino. He wrote: ‘Last night I had a dream about you, Irka Tolstik, Valik, and myself. We were sitting in some sort of a mud house and talking about our affairs. It was summer…Then I crawled out of this hut and took flight. I was flying above tall pine trees. Then I came down and said, ‘See how unique I am! I can do what no one else can – fly!’ And what do you know, they came this morning and said, ‘get your things together, your flying off on a new transfer.’  I read this and I thought: maybe this really is prophetic, not only in the sense of ‘flying off’ on a transfer, but also in the sense that Ales will ‘take flight’ from his hut this summer. I would like to believe this,” wrote Tatiana Revyako, sharing quotations from the letter she received.

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