Detention Conditions at Babruisk Penal Colony No. 2

On February 28, 2012, Ales Bialiatski was transferred to Babruisk Penal Colony No. 2, where, under a court decision, he must spend the next four years, minus the seven months he has already spent in prison.

What is Penal Colony No. 2 like and what are the conditions for inmates?

Babruisk Colony is a closed correctional institution. Inmates are held in barrack-like areas and wear regulation clothing.


Once a year, inmates are allowed to receive one package containing shoes, clothing, and other articles that an inmate may possess, with the exception of food and tobacco products.

Correspondence may be censored and packages delivered by mail or by hand may be inspected.

Inmates are allowed short visits of up to four hours. Meetings with relatives take place in the presence of prison officials and at the discretion of the prison administration. Inmates also have the chance for longer meetings with close relatives (up to three days) and have the right to stay with these relatives in specially appointed accommodations on the grounds of the correctional institution.

Every inmate is required to work a job at a location determined by the prison administration.

Under the verdict issued November 24, 2011, Ales Bialiatski was sentenced to serve in a medium security prison.

This type of prison has the following restrictive regulations:

- three short visits and two long visits a year;

- three packages delivered by mail or by hand and two small packages or two small parcels a year;

- the right to spend money from personal accounts in the amount of five base units (175,000 Br/17 euros, after April 1, 2012 - 500,000 Br/ 46 euros) once a month to purchase food products and other essentials.

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