Ales Bialiatski: “I now have graphomania”

Ales Bialiatski

Ales Bialiatski has been living literature as he waits for spring to arrive. In correspondence with friends he jokes about the sheer number of notes he has written recently and talks about the sources of his inspiration.

I now have a disease known as graphomania,” he writes. “Whenever I read something, I have the desire to write about it. And I know that my writing will stop as soon as I am released because, as usual, I won’t have enough time for it.”

Ales writes that he is now savoring the last pages of Siarhei Dubavets’s “The Studio. A History of One Miracle.” “I am hooked on this book since I know a good half of the heroes in it. So I’m only reading a little bit at a time. This book is very sincere and important.” Ales later notes that it was this book that inspired his recent notes on the Belarusian issue.

Bialiatski is also reading Eduard Akulin’s “Collected Poems.” “I would like to say that he is a poet of a very high level. True, his character is complex, but that’s how it is with all creators. Good artists apparently instinctively place themselves in the center of the universe. This is why they are egocentric. Otherwise they wouldn’t be creators.

Eduard Akulin recently presented a song titled “I Will Rise,” which he dedicated to his old friend Bialiatski. This song was played during a lecture about Valery Kalinousky’s book “The Bialiatski Case” and Bialiatski’s book “Enlightened by the Belarusian Issue” in Babruisk, not far from the penal colony where the head of the Viasna Human Rights Center is being held.

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