New informational project on the topic of equal education

On the 1st of September Office for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities starts, in the framework of Accesibility campaign, a new informational project on the topic of equal education  The website is going to collect the stories of the families, children of which are attending integrated classes. The first story tells about the first in Belarus integrated class for children with autism.

- My son Ivan is 10 years old. He has such a type of autism that is called severe but at the same time he has a huge hidden potential. But in order for him to study special adapted to his demands conditions have to be created, special methods recognized all over the world should be used for socialization and teaching. It will give my son a possibility to show his talents and successfully adaptTatiana Golubovich the coordinator of parent initiative of the capital’s school № 5 starts her story. – Each such kid has a huge potential and they need assistance to unlock it.

Last year on the parents’ initiative an unusual class was opened at the school. Children with autistic disorders study in it with the help of tutors – special teacher assistants. This is the first in Belarus integrated class for children with autism.

-This class can’t be called just integrated and it is still early to talk about full inclusion. We use inclusive technologies and try to cooperate with all the teachers of the school. Personally for me as a parent it was a hope that my son will get a chance to get social experience. The experience you cannot get studying in some special conditions. A child needs to study together with usual peers.

A year ago the school made a step towards parents: a study was equipped for three children adapted for their individual needs. Specialists working with children use structured teaching methods and the visualization of space – it makes children understand information and study much better. Children study according to the individual program and visit lessons in common study. A tutor is working with every child because it is difficult for children with autistic disorders to study at school because of behavioral and communicational problems. Tutors help a child and tell him what to do in difficult situations. They record successes and failures in studying the educational program and help to cope with problematic behavior. A tutor can accompany a child at classes in common study and holds classes in the resource study. The model of one of Moscow schools where the project of resource class inclusion is being successfully implemented has been taken as a basis.

I don’t know what our life could have been if I were a rich person – says Tatiana. – It is difficult to say if we went to this school or I would have tried to create a private inclusive one for a small amount of children… But I can say it for sure that we are very lucky to have this school and teachers who are trying to help us and that children at the school are tolerant and not spoilt. I mentioned that children are much more tolerant to “different” people. Our parents are very active and diligent and very often they are the best specialists for their children. It happened that teachers are considering parents’ opinions and as a result we have become one team and for now we are doing ok.

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