Trade Unions

The situation of trade unions in Belarus strongly resembles that of the former-USSR, where trade unions had to exist under the strict control of the state and the ruling party, with union membership being compulsory for everyone. Independent trade unions not wanting to become part of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FTUB) have faced continual and severe limitations on their activities, as well as the dismantling of their existing structures and the harassment of their members and leaders.

Please see the below articles on the difficulties faced by the independent trade unions in Belarus:

Mikashevichy: Leanid Dubanosau released without charges


Trade union activist Leanid Dubanosau was detained in Mikashevichy on June 25. The reason for detention was his alleged use of foul language. As a result, he was taken to the local police department.

At the police department, he was questioned by a major of the Criminal Investigation Department. During his detention, he received several activist calls from reporters. Similar calls were received by police officers on duty, who did not know how to comment on the incident. The police major promised to charge the activist with obscene behavior, without sending the report to court, because Leanid Dubanosau had reportedly apologized. But the activist rejected the deal...

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Criminal investigations department detains trade union activist Dubanosau


The activist of the independent trade union in Mikashevichy Leanid Dubanosau was taken straight from home.

“He called me and said that he was in a police car. He said that he was taken from his private house as he was working there, without any explanations, and to his question why he was detained they said it was for the fact that he “swore”. He was just working at home, he was in his working clothes, and then he was taken away. I asked him who had taken him, he said that it were two policemen – one in uniform, the other in civilian clothes. The one in uniform was a major. They refused to give their names...

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ILO mission meets independent trade union activists


According to the website of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, members of the mission received information on violations of the rights of independent trade unions. The BCDTU activists told the international experts of the specific facts of violations of the rights of free and independent trade unions at the Babruisk plant of tractor parts and units, Mazyr refinery, “Naftan”, JSC “Polatsk-Fiberglass”, of unlawful refusals to register the trade union’s Babruisk city office and illegal deregistration of the Barysau branch. Members of the mission received documents with evidence of violations allegations voiced by the trade union representative...

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