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Vice-speaker of the Bundestag is going to support all political prisoners in Belarus


Vice-speaker of the Bundestag Katrin Göring-Eckardt, the representative of the Green Party, has congratulated the head of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatski on his birthday, which he celebrates today.

On the occasion of your release from prison in June, the godparenthood I have taken for as a prisoner in cooperation with “Libereco” and the German Parliament has come to a happy end. Nevertheless, I hereby assure my continuous support for your work as well as for all political prisoners in Belarus who are still waiting for their release.”- writes Katrin Göring-Eckardt with wishes human rights defender still have fortitude and never give up fighting for a better future for all Belarusian citizens.

Recall that the German-Swiss human rights organization Libereco – Part...

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Solidarity Day with Belarusian civil society : Ales Bialiatski urges people to support civil society in Belarus


August 4, the International Day of Solidarity with Civil Society and Human Rights Movement in Belarus, timed to the anniversary of the arrest of a recent political prisoner human rights activist Ales Bialiatski, is held in different countries of the world.

Conducting this day was initiated in 2012 by a coalition of non-governmental organizations of different countries to show solidarity with civilian forces in Belarus and moral support to human rights defenders and civil society activists, who continue to work in the country.

Solidarity of colleagues and unfamiliar people who supported us with their letters or through public actions, pickets, meetings with embassies and so on, means very much for all political prisoners, including myself“, said Ales Bialiatski in an interview with the ini...

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Ales Bialiatski received at Paris Mayor’s Office and French MFA

The first visit of the Vice-President of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) Ales Bialiatski to Paris has come to an end. Before this, he had last visited Paris three years ago, a month before his arrest. All subsequent years members of the Federation throughout the world held solidarity actions and took every effort to secure his release.

FIDH staff, young activists, interpreters – all those who played an active part in the fate of the recent political prisoner – gathered for the long awaited meeting.

bialiacki_kulaeva_paryzh_2014-07-04   SAMSUNG

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Free at last! Paris welcomes Ales Bialiatski’s release


As promised by the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the portrait of Ales Bialiatski, which was installed in front of the city’s 11th district hall, now features an inscription “Free at Last!” The French capital thus welcomes the release of the Belarusian human rights defender, an honorary citizen of Paris, Vice-President of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH).

On June 30, Ales Bialiatski is expected to arrive in Paris, which hosts FIDH headquarters.

The Human Rights Center “Viasna” has been member of the International Federation for Human Rights since 2004. In 2007, Ales Bialiatski became the first FIDH vice-president from Eastern Europe and has been twice (in 2010 and 2013) re-elected to this post. In May 2012, during an action “Paris for Ales Bialiatski!” a po...

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Observatory : Ales Bialiatski freed after almost three years behind bars

Observatory Human Rights Defenders


Paris-Geneva, June 26, 2014. The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of FIDH and OMCT, welcomes the release on June 21, 2014 of Ales Bialiatski, President of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” and Vice-President of FIDH, after almost three years spent in jail.

On June 21, 2014, Ales Bialiatski was granted an amnesty by the Belarusian authorities and released the same day. He was arrested on August 4, 2011 on politically motivated charges of “fiscal evasion”, and sentenced three months later to four and a half years of imprisonment in a penal colony of high security. He was subjected to especially harsh detention conditions...

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Sacha Koulaeva: Ales’ release is a sign of hope for human rights defenders facing repression in other countries


On June 23, Sacha Koulaeva, head of Eastern Europe and Central Asia Desk of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), came to Minsk to congratulate FIDH vice-president Ales Bialiatski on his release on behalf of his colleagues from all around the world.

Of course, it’s a very happy day. A happy day for me personally, for all of us, for the tens, hundreds of people around the world – those who fought for this release, and there were a lot of such people. This is a great celebration for people in all countries of Latin America, Asia, Africa, certainly in our region, in Eastern Europe, Central Asia… But apart from that celebration feeling, we all have a feeling of bitterness – from the fact that Ales was in prison for nearly three years, which should have never happened...

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Civil Rights Defenders: Ales Bialiatski released after 1052 days behind bars


Previous to his arrest Ales Bialiatski had been raising funds to help repressed human rights defenders and their families. On November 24, 2011 he was found guilty of tax evasion on trumped up charges. In 2014 he was appointed “Civil Rights Defender of the Year” during the annual event Defenders’ Days. His wife and colleagues was invited to Stockholm to received the award in his name.

“I cannot describe how happy I am that our good friend and colleague is a free man. Ales Bialiatski’s imprisonment was a clear punishment for his human rights work and an attempt to intimidate civil society in Belarus...

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FIDH: Ales Bialiatski Free at Last!

Photo : @motolko

Ales Bialiatski, distinguished human rights defender, president of Viasna Human Rights Centre of Belarus and Vice President of FIDH was released this Saturday, 21 June after nearly three years in prison. He was at last granted amnesty which had been refused for two consecutive years on the pretext of “multiple violations of the detention regime”. The Belarus regime is still arbitrary, even when it grants a release…

“It is the support I received from all of you, all the national and international intervention from the day I was arrested that made it possible for me to be released today” said Ales upon arrival in Minsk.

Ales Bialiatski was arrested on 4 August 2011 on the grounds of “large-scale tax evasion” and sentenced, on 24 November 2011 to four and a half years of confineme...

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Open letter to the UN Human Rights Committee by Natalia Pinchuk and Antoine Bernard

Antoine Bernard, Chief Executive Officer of FIDH, and Natalia Pinchuk, Ales Bialiatski’s wife, the authors of an individual submission made two years ago on behalf of Ales Bialiatski, President of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” in Belarus and Vice-President of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), have submitted an open letter to the UN Human Rights Committee requesting the Committee to give urgent priority to examining this complaint.

Valentin Stefanovich, Vice-President of HRC “Viasna”, commented that “The submission on behalf of Ales Bialiatski regarding his wrongful imprisonment resulting from a violation of his rights was submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee on 12 April 2012. This submission stated that Mr...

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While the World Ice Hockey Championship takes place, violations continue … Video n°3


Belarus is hosting the World Ice Hockey Championship, which started last Friday and will end on 25 May.

FIDH has made 3 short animated films to denounce the human rights violations taking place in Belarus. These abuses cannot be camouflaged by the Championship.

After the first two films about enforced labour and political prisoners in Belarus, see the third one.

Together, we can all help to denounce these violations very easily by circulating these short films on our social networks : Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

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