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Nabeel Rajab wrote to Ales Bialiatski


From Jaw prison in Bahrain, Nabeel Rajab, FIDH Deputy Secretary General, wrote to Ales Bialiatski, FIDH Vice-President, who has been imprisoned for more than 2 years in Belarus.

My colleague, my friend, my beloved brother Ales,

I am Nabeel Rajab writing to you from prison in Bahrain.

I know a great man like you is imprisoned because you refuse to live in an unjust world.

It is so sad that all people of Belarus are being punished by taking you away from them.

You belong to your people, fighting for their rights, striving for their freedom, and seeking justice…

I sometime feel like screaming your name in my little jail and sometime feel helpless because I, instead, should by journeying the whole world fighting for your release.

I am so confident that we both will come out from prison even st...

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Ales Bialiatski becomes an Honorary Citizen of Paris

mayor of paris&son of ales bialiatski

On December 10, Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë presented this symbolic award to Adam Bialiatski, the son of the political prisoner. The ceremony took place during a luncheon in honor of FIDH at City Hall in Paris.

Ales Bialiatski was granted the title of Honorary Citizen of Paris in October 2012 at the suggestion of the mayor and under the initiative of the City Council for the 11th arrondissment of the capital city of France.

It had always been Bertrand Delanoë’s hope to award the honorary citizenship to Ales Bialiatski in person, but the mayor’s term is ending and he understood that this would not be possible. So he decided to present this honor to the son of this prisoner of conscious on December 10, International Human Rights Day.

Witnessing the ceremony were several hundred guests...

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Prison solidarity: Bahrain-Belarus


Nabeel Rajab, the head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and Deputy Secretary General of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), who is in custody in Bahrain, sends his Belarusian counterpart on the International board of FIDH, political prisoner Ales Bialiatski words of solidarity.

On 2 December, the day when the court denied his request for early release (for which he has the right under national legislation, as he has served more than three-quarters of the term), Nabeel was able to call from the Bahraini prisons “Jaw” to the International Secretariat FIDH and convey that he is very worried about the fate of Alesi Bialiatski...

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Mylène Farmer signs petition against the death penalty in Belarus

Mylene Farmer against death penalty belarus

On October 24, three days before her arrival in Minsk, where Mylène Farmer is expected to present to the public her new show “Timeless”, she signed a petition of the campaign “Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty in Belarus.”

The well-known French singer did not remain indifferent to a letter from the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Human Rights Center “Viasna”, in which human rights activists told her about the problem of the death penalty in Belarus – the last country in Europe, where people are still deprived of life on behalf of the state.

There can be no higher goal, more holy, more worthy than this one: abolish the death penalty,” Mylène Farmer quoted these lines when signing the petition...

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“Last Dawn” as an opportunity to share your position on the death penalty


A rock concert “Last Dawn”, dedicated to the issue of the use of the death penalty in Belarus, was held on 5 October in Bialystok. Thanks to the online broadcasting, it was watched by thousands of Belarusians, regardless the border between Poland and Belarus, the “black lists” of the musicians who took part in the concert, and a ban on the discussion of the topic of the death penalty in the public space in Belarus.

On 10 October, the World Day against the Death Penalty, the broadcast version of the musical project “Last Dawn” appeared on the web. It contains new songs presented by Liavon Volski, Anastasiya Shpakouskaya, Aliaksandr Pamidorau, Hanna Khitryk, Viktar Rudenka. Ales Dzianisau and Zmitser Vaitsiushkevich.

According t...

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Belarusian political prisoners on the short list of Sakharov prize


On 30 September the Foreign Affairs Committee of European Parliament announced of the short list of candidates for Andrey Sakharov Prize “For the freedom of thought”. Among the contenders for the award were called Belarusian political prisoners Ales Bialiatski, Eduard Lobau and Mikalai Statkevich, as well as the US national Edward Snovden and the Pakistani human rights activist, schoolgirl Malala Yusufzai.

Belarusian political prisoners were nominated to this prize by the MEPs Marek Migalski, Jacek Protasiewicz and Philip Kaczmarek.

The final winner will be announced on 10 October by the heads of all seven parliamentary groups of the European Parliament. The grand award ceremony will be held in Strasbourg on 20 October.

The Sakharov Prize, established in 1998, has a cash value of 50 millio...

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Belarusian political prisoners are in the focus of attention at the book fair in Gothenburg


During the book fair in Gothenburg the human rights organization Östgruppen organized a seminar “Political prisoners in the center of Europe”. During the seminar, the floor was taken by the Östgruppen chairman Martin Uggla and photographer and journalist Maria Sodeberg, who talked about Ales Bialiatski and Mikalai Statkevich.

Martin Uggla urged politicians in Sweden and the European Union to act more consistently and fundamentally against the Belarusian regime.

It is important, of course, to demand the release of political prisoners, but this is not enough. The EU should also require changes at the system level. Free and fair political elections should be held. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of association should be respected...

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Ales Bialiatski receives highly symbolic Václav Havel Human Rights Prize


Paris-Minsk, 30 septembre 2013 – As the Council of Europe just announced the 2013 laureate of the Václav Havel Human Rights Prize, FIDH and Human Rights Centre “Viasna” express their utmost support to its recipient Ales Bialiatski, President of HRC “Viasna” and Vice President of FIDH. Prominent human rights defender in Belarus, Ales Bialiatski was sentenced to 4 and a half years of detention in severe regime in August 2011 for his human rights activities.

« This prize is particularly symbolic for Ales », explained Valiantsin Stefanovic, vice-president of Viasna. « Vaclav Havel and Bialiatski met, and a few days before he died, Václav Havel wrote a letter to Ales in prison. In it, he expressed his support to Ales and the hope that Belarus would one day be a democratic state ».


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Paris Mayor expresses support for Ales Bialiatski


On the occasion of Ales Bialiatski’s birthday, FIDH and Human Rights Centre “Viasna” publish a letter that Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe wrote him to celebrate the sad anniversary of his detention.

Mayor of Paris

To Ales Bialiatski

Chairman of the Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Vice-president of FIDH

Paris, September 2013


Dear Mr. Bialiatski,

I could not ignore the anniversary since the unjust imprisonment, of which you have been a victim since August 4, 2011, and I would like to reassure you of my support and awe that I have for your struggle for human rights in Belarus.

I am also aware of the harsh conditions in which you are serving your sentence, and I admire your courage and tenacity.

The title of the honorary citizen of Paris, with which the deputies of our awarded you at my requ...

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Amnesty Netherlands visited Belarusian embassy to celebrate Ales Bialiatski’s birthday

On September 25, 2013 Ales Biliatski turns 51. The last two years of his life the prominent human rights defender has spent in a Belarusian prison. On Ales’s birthday, the Dutch section of Amnesty International paid a visit to the Belarus Embassy in The Hague, presenting its staff with a special birthday cake, and thousands of new signatures demanding freedom for Ales.

          Ales cake       Ales-cake-Hague

Amnesty activists also gifted the Embassy with a package of fresh fruit and vegetables, reminding the Belarusian authorities of their ICESCR obligation to ensure fulfilment of the right of persons in detention to the highest attainable standard of mental and physical health.

Ales Bialiatski     _MG_0633   Ales Bialiatski     _MG_0667      

Ahead of the action, Christie Miedema, Amnesty Netherlands’s coordinator for Bela...

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