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Mikashevichy: Leanid Dubanosau released without charges


Trade union activist Leanid Dubanosau was detained in Mikashevichy on June 25. The reason for detention was his alleged use of foul language. As a result, he was taken to the local police department.

At the police department, he was questioned by a major of the Criminal Investigation Department. During his detention, he received several activist calls from reporters. Similar calls were received by police officers on duty, who did not know how to comment on the incident. The police major promised to charge the activist with obscene behavior, without sending the report to court, because Leanid Dubanosau had reportedly apologized. But the activist rejected the deal...

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Criminal investigations department detains trade union activist Dubanosau


The activist of the independent trade union in Mikashevichy Leanid Dubanosau was taken straight from home.

“He called me and said that he was in a police car. He said that he was taken from his private house as he was working there, without any explanations, and to his question why he was detained they said it was for the fact that he “swore”. He was just working at home, he was in his working clothes, and then he was taken away. I asked him who had taken him, he said that it were two policemen – one in uniform, the other in civilian clothes. The one in uniform was a major. They refused to give their names...

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Human rights results of Ice Hockey Championship: Repressive machine shows its power in action


Valiantsin Stefanovich, Deputy Chairman of the Human Rights Center “Viasna”, in his interview for, tells about the human rights results of the Ice Hockey World Championship, which was held in Minsk from 9 to 25 May.

- The Ice Hockey World Championship has just finished in Belarus. Ahead of the event, human rights defenders, and “Viasna” in particular, feared that it would be transformed into an ideological and politicized show by the Belarusian authoritarian regime. Have these fears come true?

– Unfortunately, we can state that our concerns, both about turning the event into a politicized show and the arbitrary preventive arrests, have come true...

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EU condamns arbitrary detentions of more than 30 civil society and political activists in Belarus

eu external action

Statement by the Spokesperson on the arbitrary detentions of more than 30 civil society and political activists in Belarus :

” We are concerned about the harassment, arbitrary arrest and detention of several dozens of representatives of civil society and opposition organisations in the run up to the World Ice Hockey Championship in Belarus. We condemn the use of administrative detention by the Belarusian authorities as an instrument aimed at creating pressure, fear and uncertainty among the young generation of people in Belarus.
We urge the authorities of Belarus to immediately stop these actions and to release all those unjustly detained, dropping all charges against them...
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Preventive detentions ahead of Ice Hockey World Championship – 2014


Belarus continues practice of preventive detentions of its citizens ahead of Ice Hockey World Championship – 2014.

In general, the activists are being detained on purely fabricated, similar grounds such as “disorderly conduct” and “disobedience to the law-enforcement officials”. The courts conduct administrative trial proceedings formalistically, implicitly trust the law-enforcement officials and don’t take account of the evidence provided by the defense.

As of 8 May the following persons remain under arrest for prolonged period of time:

  1.       Zmicer Dashkevich – detained on 24.04.2014, sentenced to 25 days of arrest;
  2.       Aliaksandr Frantskevich – detained on 25.04.2014, sentenced to 25 days of arrest;
  3.       Yury Rubtsou – detained on 26.04...
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Youth activists get arrested for 20 day before IIHF World Championship


Minsk Lenin district court arrested a Young Front activist Mikhail Muski for 20 days. Radio Svaboda learnt about that from a human rights activist Nasta Lojka. The activist’s trial was led by the judge Mikhail Khoma.

Minsk Frunze district court sentenced a Young Front activist Mikalaj Dziemidzienka to a 20-day arrest under two articles of the Code on Administrative Conduct of the Republic of Belarus. The activist said that he had been detained the day before at the entrance to the house where he lives. During the trial the people in mufti, who had brought him to court, threatened independent journalists with administrative persecution for alleged disorderly conduct.

A Homel activist Andrej Cianiuta got arrested  for 10 days: 3 days for alleged fault language, 7 days for alleged insubordi...

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Minsk court convicts participants of Chernobyl Way rally


The court of Minsk’s Savetski district considered today administrative charges brought against six participants of yesterday’s Chernobyl Way rally, who were detained immediately after the meeting. In addition, the court heard the case of former political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich, who was detained ahead of the demonstration.

Judge Maryna Fiodarava considered the administrative offence reports (Art. 17.1, hooliganism and Art. 23.34, participation in an unauthorized mass event) against Dzianis Karnou. Witnesses representing the police say that Dzianis Karnou was swearing and resisted when being dragged to a police car. The sentence is 20 days of arrest.

The case of Mikalai Kolas was considered by Judge Kiryl Palulekh...

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Activists threatened with preventive detention ahead of Hockey World Championship


Human rights defenders have received information about possible provocations against opposition activists and their preventive detention ahead of the forthcoming Ice Hockey World Championship, due to open on 9 May. This was confirmed by the coordinator of the European Belarus movement Maksim Viniarski, who was recently released after a 15-day arrest.

According to HRC “Viasna” website, he said that before his release he was offered to temporarily leave the capital. A police officer told him that if he considered himself a reasonable person, he should realize that he had but two options: either to leave Belarus or to go to the country for some time (referring to the time of the Ice Hockey World Championship)...

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Vaukavysk activist Vital Huliak fined 1.3 mln over solidarity with Ukraine


Vital Huliak, an opposition activist of the town of Vaukavysk, Hrodna region, has been sentenced to a fine of 1.3 mln rubles by the Vaukavysk District Court. He was detained by police on March 13 for staging a picket in support of Ukraine. Vital Huliak came out with a Ukrainian flag and the banner “No to War! Putin Out!” The trial was scheduled for March 14, but was adjourned till the 17th.

Judge Mikalai Talashka of the Vaukavysk District Court ruled to fine the activist and ordered to destroy the materials used in the picket, the national Ukrainian yellow-blue flag and ​​a poster. Vital Huliak is going to appeal against the court’s decision.

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Aliaksandr Artsybashau and Pavel Vinahradau sentenced to large arrest terms


The activists of “Zmena” (the youth wing of “Tell the Truth” political movement) were detained on March 13. Artsybashau drove to the office of the police inspection, where ex-political prisoner Vinahradau came for regular registration.

As stated to BelaPAN by Pavel’s wife Sviatlana Vinahradava, her husband was detained when coming out of the police inspection, and Aliaksandr was detained by officers of road police a little later. According to her, police officers hinted that the arrest was connected with the upcoming local elections. The detainees were kept at the detention center in Akrestsin Street at night.

March 14, Judge of the Maskouski District Court Tatsiana Motyl sentenced Mr. Vinahradau to 25 days of arrest under Articles 17...

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