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Supreme Court outlaws Belsat TV channel name


The Supreme Court of Belarus has obliged the Polish Television today to stop using the Belsat trademark when broadcasting to the territory of Belarus.

The trademark is also banned from the use on Belsat’s web-page. The court also ruled to exact 9 998 800 Belarusian roubles of the judicial costs from the defendant, Radio Svaboda reports.

The lawsuit against Telewizja Polska SA, which owns the Belsat trademark, came from the owner of a Belarusian company Belsat Plus Andrei Beliakou in May last year.

According to the entrepreneur, his company, which sells the satellite and cable television equipment, allegedly suffered losses due to the similarity of the name and the one of the TV channel...

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14th anniversary of Dzmitry Zavadski’s abduction

zavadski_dzmitry_missing for 13 years

The journalist of the ORT TVchannel disappeared without a trace in Minsk on 7 July 2000. His relatives still do not know, where his grave is.

Early in the morning on 7 July 2000 Dzmitry Zavadski, who at the time worked for the Russian ORT TV channel (now – First Channel), went to the national airport Minsk. Since then no one saw Dzmitry Zavadski. His car was found at the airport.

In 2002 Minsk region court found guilty of abducting Zavadski a group of a former Almaz special-ops unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Its members Valer Ihnatovich and Maksim Malik were sentenced for life. Alaksei Huz was sentenced to 25 years in prison, Siarhei Savushkin – to 12 years in high security prison. None of them pled guilty.

In March 2004 the state prosecutor’s office suspended the case of Za...

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Journalist in Vitsebsk facing charges over illegal work for foreign media


The fact that journalist Alena Stsiapanava is accused of working without accreditation for foreign media was reported during her visit to the Kastrychnitski district police department of Vitsebsk.

The summons was signed by senior inspector of law enforcement and prevention Siarhei Viaraksa.

“I was summoned to the police station to tell about the article entitled “Vitsebsk schoolchildren refuse to learn anthem”, which appeared on Radio Liberty’s website on January 28. Siarhei Viaraksa asked me if I knew the people mentioned in the text, and if I had anything to do with this publication on the Internet. Also, the police officer asked what I knew about “the situation with the anthem” of Vitsebsk, which was criticized by local people...

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Local paper ordered to vacate office for fire code violation


Officials in the western city of Slonim ordered the staff of the independent weekly Gazeta Slonimskaya to vacate their offices by 1 January on the grounds that the building violates the fire code.

Editor Viktar Vladashchuk regards the eviction as just the latest of many government manoeuvres aimed at silencing outspoken media. Gazeta Slonimskaya has operated out of a two-room office rented from Partner Slonim, a private company, since 2008. Even if Vladashchuk sounds confident about the newspaper’s future, he says it must quickly find new premises to avoid any break in publication.

“I know the local administration repeatedly tried to convince the owner to evict us, but he always refused,” Vladashchuk commented to Reporters Without Borders...

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Lawsuit filed against Belsat TV


Andrey Belyakou claims that television Belsat TV has been illegally using its trade mark. The trial was to begin on November 11. On the morning of this day the Supreme Court upheld the plea of the Belsat TV official representative Mikhail Yanchuk to defer the hearing for a later date.

According to the claimant, the trademark owner sells satellite and cable TV equipment. The company was established by Siarhei Lysyankou in 2003 under the style of Hitech-Market.

In May, 2006 it became known that our channel, Belsat TV, was being established. A month later Mr Lysyankou transferred the rights for the trade mark to Mr Belyakou. The latter renamed the firm into Unitary Enterprise BELSATplus. In 2011 a contraction form of word ‘television’ – TV – appeared in the company’s specifica...

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Journalists and activists detained on the Day of commemorating victims of stalinist repressions


Several journalists were temporarily detained in separate incidents today, including correspondents from the Mourning Marathon, commemoration of people who died from Stalin repressions.

The Mourning Marathon started from Kalvaryjski Cemetary: people lay flowers and lit candles, after which policemen arrived and asked the people to proceed to the police department. Journalists were detained together with participants of the action, in all more than 20 people, reported Belarusian association of journalists.

Among the detainees there were journalists Natallia Valakida, Siarhei Krauchuk, Natallia Benitsevich, Dzianis Nosau and Aliaksandr Korsakau. They were taken to the Frunzenski district police department, where they were searched, questioned and set free in an hour and a half.

The Mournin...

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Journalists detained at Minsk railway station


Independent journalists were detained at Minsk’s central railway station. Journalists Zakhar Shcharbakou, Andrei Korsak and Barys Haretski as well as Yahor Mayorchyk, Ales Piletski and Siarhei Hudzilin were expected to meet there the released political prisoner Paval Seviarynets.

Pavel Seviarynets was released at night. He was ordered to leave the special detention facility at 3 a.m. and take a train to Minsk to disrupt the plans of journalists and friends who wanted to meet him.

The police said the detainees would be set free if Paval Seviarynets didn’t organise a rally at the railway station. All journalists were set free 50 minutes after Paval Seviarynets left the railway station.

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Dzmitry Zavadsky : Missing for 13 years

zavadski_dzmitry_missing for 13 years

Dzmitry Zavadski worked in the press-pool of Alexandre Lukashenka from 1994 up to 1997. In 1997 Dzmitry went to work with the Public Russian TV ORT.

In the spring of 1997 he was arrested together with another journalist of Russian TV channel ORT Pavel Sheremet for the report about transparency of Belarusian-Lithuanian border, and got a year and a half of suspended sentence.

From October of 1999 until May of 2000 he was working in Chechnya, where together with Pavel Sheremet was shooting a film Chechnya’s Diary.

Upon the disappearance, a criminal murder case was started, and later reclassified into abduction.

Starting from October 24, 2001 four people (V. Ihnatovich, M. Malik, A. Huz and S. Savushkin) were on a closed trial for the abduction of Dzmitry Zavadsky...

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Criminal charges against Andrzej Poczobut dropped

The second criminal case against journalist Andrzej Poczobut has been closed, and the charges of “libelling the President of Belarus” have been dropped. He had been targeted for his work as a journalist and for the legitimate exercise of his right to freedom of expression.

On 15 March, criminal charges against Andrzej Poczobut were dropped by the Investigative Committee of the Hrodna region, Belarus, due to lack of evidence. The Investigative Committee reached the conclusion that there is no evidence of a crime by Andrzej Poczobut, as the experts fail to agree that he had libelled the President in his articles.

Andrzej Poczobut was arrested on 21 June 2012 in his apartment in Hrodna...

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