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Political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich spent 247 days in sum in a penal cell


The 22-year old political prisoner, journalist of Bobrujskij Courier Yauhen Vaskovich is sent to the solitary cell, a fine for bad behavior in prison, almost every month. By now, he has spent 247 days in solitary confinement, report human rights defenders, which means nearly ten months out of less than three years of imprisonment.

Last time Yauhen was placed in the isolator before the New Year, on December 27, for ten days.

Such regime of serving the sentence (he is allowed only one food parcel up to two kilos a year) made impact on the physical state: being 186 cm tall, he weighs only 65 kilos.

His mother says he does not complain in letters; she supposes it is not allowed to write things like that. The lawyer meets him regularly...

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Vasil Parfiankou is kept in Zhodzina penitentiary


Former political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou is kept in the transit point of Zhodzina penitentiary, from which he will be transferred to Horki penitentiary. He wrote about it in a letter to public activist and film producer Volha Mikalaichyk.

He wrote that he was taken to Zhodzina and the conditions are very hard there. The prisoners are prohibited to sit on the bunks even during the daytime, and have to walk all day after making their beds. However, his main complaint is the real information hunder. There is no TV set and he receives no newspapers. He has no money on his acccount, as his 500,000 rubles still haven’t been returned by the activity therapy center in Svetlahorsk. He cannot buy any postcards or envelopes to write anyone,” said Mikalaichyk.

Vasil Parfiankou wrote a letter in...

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Autukhovich’s wife : the authorities force Mikalai to violate prison regulations


On 6 January 2014, political prisoner Mikalai Autukhovich was allowed a short meeting with his wife Alena Autukhovich. Following this meeting, she said that he was regularly provoked by the prison authorities, who intend to make him violate prison regulations.

Earlier, his mother Lidziya Autukhovich reported to Radio “Liberty” that she had sent a medical parcel to her son back in the middle of December. However, in his latest letter, Autukhovich wrote he hadn’t received the parcel. Did he receive it by the time of the meeting with his wife? Alena Autukhovich says her husband has received neither the parcel, nor envelopes and postcards. Consequently, the political prisoner couldn’t congratulate his friends on the New Year, for which he apologizes.

Lidziya Autukhovich, his mother, is ver...

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Platforma Innovation: There are less and less prisoners in Belarus, but their treatment fails to improve


In their annual monitoring report released today, activists of human rights NGO Platforma Innovation note that the number of inmates held in Belarusian jails has decreased, but their overall conditions of detention have not  improved.

It is Platforma’s second overview of the situation with the rights of prisoners in Belarus. These surveys are done on the basis of available statistics, unofficial reports from prisons and other sources. Personal experience can also help sort out the situation.

The NGO’s head Andrei Bandarenka himself served more than two years behind bars. The human rights activist says that from the moment of detention, the situation with the prisoner’s rights is very poor. Policemen often refuse to call a lawyer if the detainee does not admit his guilt...

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Investigative Committee urged to open criminal case for “chlorine torture” in Mahiliou prison

Liudmila Kuchura, whose husband is serving a sentence in penal colony No. 15 in Mahiliou, told the Human Rights Center “Viasna” that the pressure used against the convict poses a serious threat to his health.

Psychological pressure on Piotr Kuchura began after the publication on the website of the human rights organization “Platform Innovation” in June this year of an article alleging extortions in the colony, the appearance of which was attributed to the prisoner and his wife by the administration. One after another, Kuchura received punishments, for example, for “sleeping in forbidden time”, which allows to deprive him of seeing his wife, so that he could not tell her how prisoners are treated in the colony...

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Mikalai Autukhovich deprived of meeting with mother


When the political prisoner’s mother Lidzija Autukhovich came to the prison in Hrodna in order to meet her son, she learnt that the meeting had been forbidden, Radio Svaboda reports. No reasons for the decision were provided.

“How would I know? They won’t tell. This is their right: they allow a meeting if they want, if they don’t – they do not allow. They do what they want. They did not allow a meeting and that is it. It is a good thing, though, they did accept a parcel. 30 kilograms. Food and clothes. Everything was heavy, whatever you buy it weights something – you cannot take much. I saw son last year and I will probably not see him this year. I will, probably, not see him until he is released. The only thing left is to write letters. I am waiting for him, of course...

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Ales Bialiatski earns about $2 a month working six days a week

Ales Bialiatski

Ales Bialiatski earns about 20,000 rubles (about 2$), and can spend just about 130,000 rubles (about 13$) in the prison shop.

According to the political prisoner’s wife, Natallia Pinchuk, Ales Bialiatski works 6 days a week and earns about 20,000 rubles. He works as a wrapper at sewing industry, packing a variety of products.

He earns about 20,000 rubles. His work is associated with the garment industry, he wraps the goods. Mattresses, gloves and work clothes are produced there. I don’t know exactly how long his working day is, but I remember the words of the head of the penitentiary that it doesn’t exceed the legal limit,” said Natallia Pinchuk.

According to her, Mr. Bialiatski can spend just 130,000 rubles a month in the prison shop. “I know he buys cheese, cookies and something swe...

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Political prisoner Eduard Lobau about the cold in the penitentiary: “You freeze, have to cover your head at night”

political prisoner Eduard Lobau Belarus

Has the heating been turned on in the Ivatsevichy penitentiary? The mother of the political prisoner Eduard Lobau, Maryna Lobava, is concerned with this question, reports RFE/RL.

According to her, Eduard Lobau called home two weeks ago and no information has been received from him since then. However, it has got much colder recently, even the city apartments are cold, which means that it is much colder in the prison barracks.

I am worried that it can be very cold there. I don’t know whether the heating has been turned on already. And it is so cold! I don’t know whether the prisoners were allowed to put warm clothes on. They have a similar order as in the army, and the winter uniform is issued on 15 October. Do they still wear these thin clothes?

Maryna Lobava remembers the son’s sto...

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Political prisoner Mikalai Autukhovich cuts abdomen to protest harassment


Mikalai Autukhovich inflicted a serious bodily injury on himself, the Platform human rights NGO reports, quoting a confidential source in the Hrodna-based prison No. 1. According to the source, Autukhovich cut his abdomen with a razor blade in protest against the ongoing harassment from the prison authorities.

According to HRC “Viasna”, over the past two years, the political prisoner has been twice charged with violating prison restrictions, a few weeks ahead of the expected lifting of all previously imposed sanctions.

On September 4 the prisoner learned that prison supervisors charged him with violation of the correctional institution’s internal regulations, just one month ahead of the expected lifting of all penalties from him...

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Prison authorities keep harassing political prisoner Mikalai Autukhovich


Mikalai Autukhovich learned on September 4 that prison supervisors charged him with violation of the internal regulations of the correctional institution, just one month ahead of the expected lifting of all penalties from him. Meanwhile, the political prisoner says he strictly observes the prison rules.

Mikalai Autukhovich was accused of allegedly failing to be in bed after the bedtime signal. Stating that this is not the case, he appealed the report to the Prosecutor’s Office of Hrodna region.

We also know that Mikalai received three days of solitary confinement, however, he did not wish to explain to his lawyer the reasons for the penalty.

Mikalai Autukhovich was sentenced to five years and two months of imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony on May 6, 2010...

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