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“Viasna” and FIDH presented the report on human rights violations in Belarus to OSCE


At the the OSCE Human Dimension Meeting the heads of the HRC “Viasna” – the president of the center – former political prisoner Ales Bialiatski, vice-president Valiantsin Stefanovich, and coordinator of the campaign “Human rights defenders against the death penalty” Andrej Paluda – presented review of the human rights situation in Belarus on September 24 in Warsaw.

During the meeting on “Convincing violations of political, economic and social rights in Belarus”, organized by the International Federation for Human Rights and the Human Rights Center “Viasna” human rights defenders stressed that “because of the situation in Ukraine, as well as the deterioration of the human rights situation in Russia, we think that less attention is paid to Belarus “.

At the panel discussion were touched pr...

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FIDH: While the World Ice Hockey Championship takes place, violations continue …


Belarus is hosting the World Ice Hockey Championship, which started last Friday and will end on 25 May. For once, this country – usually ignored by the media and international public opinion – will be in the spotlight.

FIDH has made 3 short animated films to denounce the human rights violations taking place in Belarus.  These abuses cannot be camouflaged by the Championship. These three 15-second films will be aired during 3 big “game-days” : 13 May Norway / Sweden, 15 May Finland/Belarus, and 20 May Russia/Belarus.

Together, w...

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Human rights situation in Belarus discussed at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva


The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) organized a number of meetings and events on the situation with human rights in Belarus as part of a session of the UN Human Rights Council that took place in Geneva on March 6 – 7, 2014.

Participants in the round table “Social and Economic Rights in Belarus are Violated as Systematically as Political and Civil Rights” concentrated on violations of freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and the election process, noting in particular the situation with political prisoners. They also presented a report by FIDH and the Human Rights Centre Viasna entitled “Forced Labor and the Pervasive Violations of Workers’ Rights in Belarus”...

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Belarus should abolish compulsory labour and ensure adequate protection of workers. This, among other important recommendations, was put forward by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) following its review of Belarus in November 2013.

The UN Conclusions reflect key issues and recommendations raised in the joint FIDH and Human Rights Centre ‘Viasna’ report “Forced labour and pervasive violations of workers’ rights in Belarus”. They provide a long-awaited assessment of the rhetoric espoused by the authorities in Belarus, who persistently present the country as ‘the last remaining social paradise in Europe’.

“Along with pervasive violations of political and civil rights, the Belarusian government persistently violates the social and economic rights of its citi...

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New report by FIDH and HRC Viasna : Forced Labor and the Pervasive Violation of Workers’ Rights in Belarus


Belarus authorities use of every means possible to feed the country’s economy to the detriment of its citizens’ economic and social rights. Internationally publicized as the «last European socialist paradise», Belarus forces large portions of its population to work, sometimes without pay and especially without the possibility to protest harsh or unfair conditions. These are the main observations of a report published today by FIDH and HRC Viasna.

Economic and working issues are quite sensitive in Belarus, especially in the current climate...

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