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Statement of BAJ against Administrative Prosecution of Journalists


Statement of the public associtaion Belarusian Association of Journalists concerning prosecution of journalists for contribution to foreign mass media without accreditation

Belarusian Association of Journalists declares it unlawful to prosecute reporters whose names and materials appear in foreign mass media. Pressure on these journalists bears clear characteristics of threat and blackmailing, and contradicts to national legislative norms as well as to obligations of the Republic of Belarus to ensure freedom of information under international agreements.

On September 25, the Babruysk district court fined Maryna Malchanava, a journalist of the non-state newpaper Bobruyskij Courier, for 32 basic amounts (4 800 000 rubles). She was found guilty of violating p. 2 of art. 22...

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Analytic report “Belarus: Time for Media Reform”


On February 6, an analytic report on media situation in Belarus was presented at the office of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

On February 8 it turns five years since the Law on Mass Media has come into legal force. The law enforcement practice shows all its drawbacks that impact negatively free speech and media sphere in Belarus.

The analytical report, presented by Andrei Aliaksandrau (Index on Censorship) and Andrei Bastunets (BAJ), provides an overview of media landscape in Belarus, estimates the law enforcement practice regarding journalists, and provides recommendations on how to improve the situation so that to ensure rights and freedoms of the media and free expression...

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Who put HRC Viasna’s website on a black list?


The appeals to the state agencies which form the list of banned sites have yielded no results. The Ministry of Communications, in particular, reported that it didn’t possess such information as far as the website was not registered in the national segment of the Internet.

In 2011, during the conference “Businees Internet”, the information about the blacklisted websites was voiced. The list of the websites with a limited access is formed by the Operational and Analytical Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus (OAC) in accordance with the decree No. 11/1 of 26 June 2010.

The “black list” included the websites of the Human Rights Center “Viasna”, “Charter’97”, “Belarusian Partisan”, as well as the e-currency exchanger “Prakapovich” and the blog of Yauhen Lipkovich ...

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Freedom House considers Belaus to be a country with non-free Internet

The human rights organization “Freedom House” referred Belarus to the group of countries with non-free Internet, reported NashaNiva newspaper.

The Freedom House report on Internet freedom in 2013 includes 60 countries. 29 of whom blocked or filtered the internet for information of political and social issues.

According to the report, the Belarusian authorities use SORM system to monitor and control the Internet, which is also used in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The index of Internet freedom in Belarus is 67 points. Uzbekistan is the only country of the former USSR that is lower than Belarus in this respect, holding 78 points. Kazakhstan received 59 points , Russia – 54, Azerbaijan – 52, Kyrgyzstan – 35, Ukraine – 28 and Georgia – 26.

The freest one...

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