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“Viasna” and FIDH presented the report on human rights violations in Belarus to OSCE


At the the OSCE Human Dimension Meeting the heads of the HRC “Viasna” – the president of the center – former political prisoner Ales Bialiatski, vice-president Valiantsin Stefanovich, and coordinator of the campaign “Human rights defenders against the death penalty” Andrej Paluda – presented review of the human rights situation in Belarus on September 24 in Warsaw.

During the meeting on “Convincing violations of political, economic and social rights in Belarus”, organized by the International Federation for Human Rights and the Human Rights Center “Viasna” human rights defenders stressed that “because of the situation in Ukraine, as well as the deterioration of the human rights situation in Russia, we think that less attention is paid to Belarus “.

At the panel discussion were touched pr...

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Belarusian NGOs sent its report as part of the Universal Periodic Review to the UN


Report, presented to the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, provides an overview of situation with the human rights in Belarus. Human rights defenders have expressed anxiety about the lack of real progress on key problem spheres of human rights in the country, noting concrete steps of the implementation of the recommendations made and accepted by Belarus in the first cycle of the UPR.

The report was prepared by the following organizations: “Belarusian Helsinki Committee“, HRC “Viasna”, PU “Center for Legal Transformation“, The Assembly of Democratic NGOs of Belarus, the NGO “Belarusian Association of Journalists”, NGO “Legal Initiative”, Committee “Solidarity”, Initiative “For freedom of religion, Office of the rights of persons with disabilities, Belarusian documentatio...

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UN Human Rights Committee takes five new decisions concerning Belarus


At the 111th session, held 7-25 July, the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations considered five new cases concerning Belarus and issued decisions confirming the violation by the Government of Belarus of certain rights of Belarusian citizens. A brief review of cases was made for “Homel Spring” by the head of the Center for Strategic Lawsuits Leanid Sudalenka.

1. Case “Maryna Koktysh against Belarus” (№1985/2010) refers to the obstacles, created to the journalist of the independent newspaper “Narodnaya Volya” Maryna Koktysh in getting to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly (lower chamber of the Belarusian parliament)...

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UN Human Rights Council extends mandate of UN Special Rapporteur on Belarus


On June 27, the delegates of the 26th session of the UN Human Rights Council voted to extend the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on Belarus, the UN News Centre said.

The Council decided “to extend the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus for a period of one year” and requested the Special Rapporteur to “submit a report on the situation of human rights in Belarus to the Human Rights Council at its twenty-ninth session and to the General Assembly at its seventieth session”. A resolution entitled “Situation of human rights in Belarus” was supported by 24 delegations. Seven members of the Council were against and 16 abstained.

The resolution expressed deep concern at “continuing violations of human rights in Belarus”...

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FIDH: While the World Ice Hockey Championship takes place, violations continue …


Belarus is hosting the World Ice Hockey Championship, which started last Friday and will end on 25 May. For once, this country – usually ignored by the media and international public opinion – will be in the spotlight.

FIDH has made 3 short animated films to denounce the human rights violations taking place in Belarus.  These abuses cannot be camouflaged by the Championship. These three 15-second films will be aired during 3 big “game-days” : 13 May Norway / Sweden, 15 May Finland/Belarus, and 20 May Russia/Belarus.

Together, w...

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Monitoring report on the results of observation of the rally “Chernobyl Way march 2014”


On the anniversary day of the Chernobyl disaster, 26 April 2014, an authorized rally was held in Minsk. The event is traditional for the Belarusian opposition and non-governmental environmental organizations. During the action a public observation by RHRPA “Belarusian Helsinki Committee” and Human Rights Centre “Viasna” was coducted by 10 observers. The observers filled unified observation charts in order to assess objectively the nature of the event as well as to note the possible human rights violations during it. According to the information from these charts the course of the mass event and the actions of the law enforcement officers and the participants has been noted...

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Sport for sport : appeal by Human rights organisations to the Governments of the countries participating in the 2014 World Ice Hokey Championship to be held in Minsk


The World Ice Hockey Championship will be held from 9 to 25 May 2014, in Minsk (Belarus).

We, as representatives of both international and national human rights organizations (see list of signatories below), welcome this unique possibility for Belarusian people to enjoy the sportive competition hosted by their country and the universal values of sport.

Going far beyond these values, the country’s top administration, including President A. Lukashenko, has repeatedly underscored that the World Ice Hockey Championship is an important political event...

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Film and debate on human rights in Belarus at Human Rights Film Festival in Geneva


An international human rights film festival took place in Geneva on March 9, 2014. The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) dedicated this festival to human rights defenders who symbolize the battle for human dignity and human rights throughout the world. For Belarus, this person is Ales Bialiatski, the imprisoned head of the Human Rights Center Viasna.

The documentary film Europe’s Last Dictator received a public showing as part of this festival. Before the film began, Mariangela Zappia, the EU ambassador to the UN in Geneva, and Sasha Koulaeva, head of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia desk at FIDH, addressed the audience.

After the film, a debate was moderated by the journalist André Loersch...

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Human rights violations in Belarus discussed at UN side-event


On October 30, 2013 New York City hosted a side event at the UN General Assembly with the participation of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus, Mr. Miklos Haraszti, and the Belarusian and international human rights defenders: Valiantsin Stefanovich, deputy chairman of the Human Rights Center “Viasna”, Zhanna Litvina, leader of Belarusian Association of Journalists, Sasha Koulaeva, head of FIDH’s Eastern Europe and Central Asia Desk.

The event was organized by FIDH, Amnesty International and the Barys Zvozskau Belarusian Human Rights House, and moderated by Amnesty International’s representative to the UN Jose Luis Diaz.

The event aroused great interest and was attended by many members of national delegations to the United Nations, including the ambassado...

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Recap of the Third Belarusian Human Rights Defenders Forum in Vilnius by FIDH


The meeting, which took place on 26 and 27 October 2013, was organised by leading Belarusian Human rights groups [1], with the support of international organisations, including FIDH.

The Forum was opened by Taciana Reviaka, Belarusian Human Rights House President and HRC Viasna board member, and FIDH President, Karim Lahidji. In his welcome speech, Karim Lahidji recalled the history of FIDH’s cooperation with the Belarusian human rights community. He reiterated FIDHs support for Belarusian civil society and recalled the detention of prominent defender and HRC Viasna President, Ales Bialiatski, in a penal colony in Bobruisk since 2011. Bialiatski, who initiated the first Forum in the series back in 2004, was recently re-elected as vice-president of FIDH. An empty chair was left for Ales ...

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