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UN Human Rights Council resolution on situation of human rights in Belarus

United Nations A/HRC/20/L.7

General Assembly Distr.: Limited

28 June 2012

Human Rights Council

Twentieth session

Agenda item 4

Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention

Albania*, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria*, Canada*, Croatia*, Cyprus*, Czech Republic, Denmark*, Estonia*, Finland*, France*, Germany*, Greece*, Hungary, Iceland*, Ireland*, Italy, Latvia*, Liechtenstein*, Lithuania*, Luxembourg*, Malta*, Monaco*, Montenegro*, Netherlands*, Norway, Poland, Portugal*, Romania, Slovakia*, Slovenia*, Spain, Sweden*, Switzerland, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia*, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland*, United States of America:

draft resolution

 20/… Situation of human rights in Belarus

The Human Rights Council,

Guided by the purposes and principle...

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Statement by the spokesperson of the High Representative Catherine Ashton on the situation in Belarus

Brussels, 28 June 2012

The spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:

“High Representative Ashton is deeply concerned about numerous reports over the last weeks of acts of harassment of representatives of civil society, the opposition and independent media in Belarus, including the sentencing of Vasil Parfyankow to six months’ detention, and last week’s arrest of journalist Andrzej Poczobut for alleged libel against the President.

The High Representative is also concerned of recent legislative developments with draft bills that aim at increasing the repressive powers of the KGB and restricting independent monitoring of public opinion, at a moment...

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UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urges Belarus to address systemic violations

The High Commissioner for Human Rights on the situation in Belarus published in April 2012 a report which was presented at the 18th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva last September. As ever since Belarusian governement hasn’t fulfilled the recommendations, UNHCHR repeats them, emphasizing the additional requirements.

The  present  report  is  submitted  in  accordance  with  Human  Rights  Council resolution 17/24, in which the Council requested the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to  monitor the human rights situation in Belarus and to present to the Council, in an interactive dialogue at its twentieth session, a comprehensive report on the human rights situation in Belarus following the presidential election of 19 December 2010.

The  report  covers  the  pe...

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European Parliament Vice-President’s letter to Ales Bialiatski

Dear Ales Bialiatski,

I write to you in my capacity as Vice-President of the European Parliament for Democracy & Human Rights, and as a deeply concerned individual.

I have become aware of your situation due to the international outcry at your arrest, sentence and imprisonment on charges of tax evasion. Being familiar with your extensive work in the field of human rights, I join the international community in rejecting these allegations, and in calling for your immediate release.

Having worked in the field of human rights since my election to the European Parliament in 1984, I have met many brave and inspiring individuals fighting for fundamental rights and freedoms...

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Statement of European Parliament President on the release of two political prisoners in Belarus

The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz issued the following statement on the release of two political prisoners in Belarus :

“I welcome the release of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikaw and the political activist Dzmitry Bandarenka. This is good news, but sixteen months too late. These freedom fighters should not have been imprisoned in the first place.

I call on Belarus authorities to release all remaining political prisoners, including another presidential candidate, Mikalay Statkevich and Ales Bialiatski, Head of the human rights centre ‘Viasna’.

It is appalling to think that in the 21st century Europe, political prisoners still exist...

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Andres Henkel : Who Are the Political Prisoners in Europe?

Andres Henkel, PACE rapporteur on the situation in Belarus :  

The texte was prepared  for the Fallen Freedom Fighter’s Day conference

in Tartu on 25 March 2012.

Some days ago I was in springtime Oslo. The conference was dedicated to the situation in Belarus and it was organised by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee in cooperation with the Norwegian PEN Club. At the dinner, one of the hosts had tears in her eyes. Why? The lady said that nothing at all would change, people were suffering. And not only in Belarus. I could not comfort her in any other way but by saying that history is full of indescribable horrors...
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European Parliament resolution of 29 March 2012 on Belarus

The final version of the document amended and approved by members of the European Parliament on March 29, 2012 has been published on the EP website.

The resolution was supposed to be adopted on March 15, but MEPs delayed the vote to give the Belarusian authorities time for response.

The draft resolution saw number of amendments in connection with the recent events in Belarus.

European Parliament resolution of 29 March 2012 on the situation in Belarus ((2012/2581(RSP))

The European Parliament,

– having regard to its previous resolutions on Belarus, in particular those of 16 February 20121, 15 September 20112, 12 May 20113, 10 March 20114, 20 January 20115, 10 March 20106 and 17 December 20097,

– having regard to the Council decision of 23 March 2012 on ...

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Belarusian authorities make oral statement on Bialiatski’s case at UN Human Rights Council

On March 5, 2012, the discussion of the yearly report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders took place at the UN Human Rights Council.

Representatives of Belarus made an oral statement concerning the case of the imprisoned human rights defender Ales Bialiatski:

We attentively studied the report of the special rapporteur on situation of human rights defenders and regret to state that she was unable to discriminate in the case of Ales Bialiatski, most probably yielding to the stereotype opinion, spread by certain European structures and human rights NGOs.

We would like to once more confirm to the special rapporteur that the court verdict has no relation to human rights activities of Bialiatski and is connected solely to violations of the tax legislation by hi...

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PACE declaration in support with Bialiatski and his nomination as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Price

25 January 2012

In support of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Price to Ales Bialiatski, Belarusian Human Rights Defender

We, parliamentarians of the member states of the Council of Europe, strongly support the idea of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the distinguished Belarusian activist and the human rights defender – Ales Bialiatski. 

Ales Bialiatski, sentenced to 4,5 years of hard labour, has never been a politician. His only fault is that, being a sensitive person, he stood alongside the victims of the antidemocratic regime, helped them and took care of their families. We demand his release.

The People of the Free Europe will never abandon the citizens of Belarus, who are fully entitled to exercise the same rights as we do.

Signed (see overleaf)

Signed: 1

HALICKI Andrzej, Poland, EPP...

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OSCE Chairperson : Bialiatski should be set free

DUBLIN, 24 January 2012 – The OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Eamon Gilmore T.D., expressed his regret today that prominent Belarusian human rights defender Ales Bialiatski was not freed on appeal.

“A person should not be prosecuted for protecting human rights. This case is an unfortunate reflection of the state of human rights in Belarus and a result of the restrictions imposed on freedom of association in the country.  I urge the Belarusian authorities to immediately release Ales Bialiatski and all other civil society activists, and political opponents.”

“The continued erosion of human rights in the country is very worrying...

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