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Štefan Füle hopes to see Bialiatski in Brussels soon

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The European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy hopes that invitation of Makei to Brussels can bring positive results for political prisoners in Belarus.

He spoke about it to Radio Svaboda.

– What did you say to Belarusian foreign minister Uladzimir Makei? What did he say to you?

We talked before the meeting and we both agreed that his presence means or represents the stable ties with the Belarusian authorities. On the one hand, it means the implementation of the conditions set by all EU member states, but on the other hand it is using the Eastern Partnership’s proposals both in the multilateral and bilateral dimension.

– Is Makei the person you want to see as Belarus’s representative at the Vilnius Summit in November?

A decision depends on all EU member sta...

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FIDH holds demonstration for human rights in front of EU institutions while Belarus Foreign Affairs Minister Makey is received in Brussels

Brussels – 22 July 2013

Today, on the occasion of Belarus Foreign Affairs Minister Vladimir Makey’s visit to Brussels, FIDH held a demonstration in Rond-Point Schuman, in the heart of the European (EU) district.

Demonstrators held portraits of 12 political prisoners currently behind bars and put up black and white balloons symbolising the Belarusian jails This is Mr. Makey’s first visit on the EU territory since the EU lifted temporarily his visa ban on 25 June 2013. Travel restrictions for Belarusian officials are part of EU’s restrictive measures against Belarus.

p1000535    FIDH calls release political prisoners belarus

FIDH reiterated that the human rights situation in Belarus remains catastrophic and that any political dialogue between the EU and Belarus must remain conditioned by the release of political prisoners and reinstatem...

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Belarus Foreign Minister visits Brussels : FIDH calls demonstration for human rights in Belarus

Belarus Foreign Minister, Vladimir Makey will be in Brussels on Monday 22 July after the EU lifted the travel ban against him in June, despite the absence of progress on the situation of human rights in Belarus and the fact that 12 political prisoners remain behind bars. FIDH is organising a demonstration at Rond-point Schuman on 22 July at 12:00 CET.

Belarus currently has 12 political prisoners (full details)

1.   Mikalai Autukhovich
2.   Mikalai Statkevich
3.   Pavel Seviarynets
4.   Zmitser Dashkevich
5.   Eduard Lobau
6.   Ales Bialiatski
7.   Mikalai Dziadok
8.   Ihar Alinevich
9.   Aliaksandr Frantskevich
10. Yauhen Vaskovich
11.  Artsiom Prakapenka
12. Andrei Haidukou
political prisoners belarus_portrait
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MEPs Protasiewicz and Kaczmarek: release of all political prisoners is the condition sine qua non for unlocking EU-Belarus relations


The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has adopted its Recommendation on the EU’s policy towards Belarus reiterating the need for the unconditional release of all remaining political prisoners as a prerequisite for a gradual lifting of EU restrictive measures and for an upgrade of EU-Belarus relations.

The release of all political prisoners is a condition sine qua non for unlocking EU-Belarus relations. The human rights situation in Belarus remains, in general, very worrying therefore we, in the EPP Group, managed to streamline the principles of democracy, rule of law and human rights throughout the whole Report...

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PA OSCE calls for release of political prisoners in Belarus

PA OSCE Istanbul declaration on Belarus

At the 22nd Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, held in Istanbul from 29 June to 3 July 2013, the OSCE committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions adopted a following resolution on Belarus :


1.    Recalling the resolutions on Belarus adopted by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA), as well as the Joint Declaration of the OSCE PA Ad Hoc Working Group on Belarus and the delegation from the Belarusian National Assembly on future co-operation signed in 2004 (Edinburgh),
2.    Noting the efforts of the OSCE Chairmanships in re-establishing the OSCE field presence in Minsk and in establishing a meaningful dialogue between OSCE institutions with Belarus as an OSCE participating State,

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Jacek Protasiewicz: European Union hopes for the release of political prisoners

Jacek_Pratasievic-EU hopes for release of political prisoners

Vice-President of the European Parliament, Jacek Protasiewicz expressed confidence that now it is a time for the Belarusian officials to take steps necessary for the improvement of relations between the EU and Minsk. Above all, Belarusian authorities should free political prisoners. Minsk does not have time to spare to do that. Interviewed by, the politican told about the EU expectations.

- Has the position of the European Union on the existence of political prisoners in Belarus changed in recent years?

Jacek Protasiewicz: Absolutely not! We still demand from Minsk  release and rehabilitation of all political prisoners!

- How often the subject of political prisoners is broached in the European Union?

Jacek Protasiewicz: Lately this  topic has become very current...

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Ales Bialiatski does not hope for a quick release

Ales Bialiatski

The political prisoner Ales Bialiatski, head of the Viasna Human Rights Center, does not believe that he will be released soon and devotes all his free time in prison to his creative work.

The human rights defender Tatyana Revyako received a letter from Bialiatski in which he addresses this issue. The letter is dated May 6, right after Easter. This is significant because there were hopes that political prisoners might be released over this holiday.

Tatyana reports that “He wrote that he really didn’t expect to be released because he had not received any specific signs that his fate or, I would think, the fate of any other political prisoners, would change significantly at this time...

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Amnesty International statement on long-term prisoners in Belarus

Amnesty International Public Statement

2 August 2012

Still behind bars: The plight of long-term prisoners in Belarus

One year ago on 4 August, prominent human rights defender Ales Bialiatski was arrested in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. He was sentenced to four and a half years for tax evasion charges. Amnesty International considers that he has been sentenced for carrying out his human rights activities and has declared him a prisoner of conscience.

Today, Amnesty International wrote to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus raising the organization’s concerns about prisoners of conscience in Belarus and urging him to use his powers to investigate the legality of their sentences and ensure their immediate and unconditional release...

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