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Greetings for Ales Bialiatski from FIDH

September 24, 2012

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), whose vice-President Ales Bialiatski is, passes the following greetings to its colleague and member:

“Dear Ales,
We heartily congratulate You on the wonderful jubilee – a merry day, despite the sad circumstances! All of us are very glad, that your hard, exciting and important biography started 50 years ago and that we have the honor and joy to work together with You, struggling for the protection of human rights in the Eastern Europe and outside it.

We wish You courage, forces and health to endure the challenges which you face, and ourselves – to have a long-awaited and meeting with You soon!

With respect and love,
Souhayr Belhassen, President of the FIDH”

In the photos: FIDH members in the Office of the Internatio...

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Greetings for Ales Bialiatski: the Office of Marek Migalski

September 24, 2012

The Office of the European MP Marek Migalski sent greetings to Ales Bialiatski on September 24, the day when a conference on Belarus was held in Warsaw:

“Dear Ales!

At today’s conference, dedicated to the election in Belarus, we didn’t forget about Belarusian prisoners of conscience including you. Your wife Natallia told us about the problems you face everyday. Believe us, we remember you, we are with you and will struggle for your release.

Zmitser Bandarenka was present at our meeting, though several months ago he was in jail. His presence gives us the hope that you also will be among the guests during the next such meeting.

Tomorrow is your Birthday. On this special day we wish you firmness and hopes for a good future...

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Colors of childhood for Ales Bialiatski

September 23, 2012

Ales Bialiatski often writes that he keeps receiving many postcards from various offices of Amnesty International, mainly from Great Britain and the Netherlands. One of his recent letters Ales told of motley fireworks of postcards from Dutch children, who painted his prison days in emotional colors.

“Dear Ales,

Many children made birthday cards for you this weekend. We wish you all the best. Remember: we are thinking of you!” says Marijke Dusseljee of Amnesty Eindhoven.

Ales Bialiatski has received over 40 painted postcards. Each of them is a sincere and emotional reaction of a child’s soul to the story of a man, who sacrificed his freedom for the sake of equality, liberty, justice and respect for everyone.

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A week of action to send birthday wishes to Ales Bialiatski

The imprisoned leader of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatski is likely to mark his birthday in prison – on September 25 he will be 50. The Human Rights Center “Viasna” suggests that everyone concerned join the birthday week actions.

We believe that the bars cannot be an obstacle to give Ales Bialiatski the most precious thing one could give – sincere and warm greetings, words of support and sharing belief in his prompt release.

Here are some options to do this:

1. Send a birthday card:

Ales Viktaravich Bialiatski 

penal colony No. 2, unit No.14,

1 str. Sikorskaha,

213807, Babruisk, Mahiliou Voblasts, Belarus

2. Send a birthday telegram:

Just dial 166 when you are in Minsk and your Belarusian or Russian are good enough (you will have to specify the recipient’s patronymic).   


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“Happy Birthday Ales!” solidarity action

On the eve of Ales Bialiatski birthday on September 25, humain rights organisation Libereco has started his action “Happy Birthday Ales!’ and sent a following message :

On 25 September 2012 Belarusian human rights defender and prisoner of conscience Ales Bialiatski will celebrate his 50th birthday in prison. Please send him your birthday wishes to express your solidarity:

  • Send a greeting card or a letter of support to Ales:

Ales Bialiatski

Penal Colony No. 2

Sikorsky Street 1

213800 Babruisk Mahiliou Region Belarus

  • Take a picture of you with a “Happy Birthday Ales!“ wish in your hands.

You can write it by yourself or use following posters:

Please send your photo to All photos will be published on

Posters in Belarusian/English/Russian

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Human rights defender reminds citizens about Ales Bialiatski in Maladechna and Brest

August 4, 2012

As the city authorities prohibited Maladechna dweller Eduard Balanchuk to hold a picket at the central square, he walked there wearing a T-shirt “Freedom to Ales Bialiatski” in order to remind about the anniversary of the arrest of the well-known human rights defender. The police didn’t pose any pretensions to him.

As said by Eduard, during this walk he talked to acquaintances and occasional passers-by and found out that many people read independent press and were well-aware of the problem of political prisoners. He also thinks that some of the people who watched his walk from a distance with interest could come to the square as they knew about the picket he intended to hold at the central square of Maladechna.

The action was banned by the Maladechna City Executive Commi...

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Action of solidarity with Ales Bialiatski and political prisoners in Zhodzina

August 4, 2012

Zhodzina human rights defenders Aliaksei and Sviatlana Lapitskis and Aleh Leushyk made a bicycle rally along the busiest streets of the city wearing T-shirts “Freedom to Bialiatski!”

Other citizens of Zhodzina went out to streets wearing such T-shirts, too, in order to mark the international solidarity day with the civil society of Belarus.

According to Aliaksei Lapitski, they expressed their solidarity with political prisoners in such a way because the authorities prohibit any other kinds of activities. “However, no one can prohibit us to walk in the city, ride bicycles, rest with children and friends and, for instance, take photos...

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Action of solidarity with Ales Bialiatski and Belarusian civil society in Vilnius and Berlin

August 4, 2012

In Vilnius, Belarusians and Lithuanians turned out in the center of the city carrying portraits of Ales Bialiatski and signs calling for his release.

An action of solidarity in support of Belarusian civil society was held near the Brandenburg Gates and the Reichstag in Berlin. The human rights association iDecembrists and Amnesty International held a photo action and organized a collection of signatures to release Ales Bialiatski.

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Minsk authorities ban over 60 pickets in support of Ales Bialiatski

None of over 60 pickets in support of imprisoned Viasna leader Ales Bialiatski expected to be staged by human rights defenders was authorized by Minsk executive authorities.

Despite the fact that the applications met the Mass Events Code, and the expected number of picketers ranged between 2 and 5 persons, all the pickets were banned. Human rights defenders received nearly identical responses, which in reality are formal roundabout replies. The reasons for the bans are traditional: “another event is scheduled”, “the exact location of the picket cannot be identified”, “the picket is believed to be interfering with the traffic and pedestrians”, etc...

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